Found required performer or album in search results? Click on it and you will get the results that are connected to him or her.
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{"9":"Found required performer or album in search results? Click on it and you will get the results that are connected to him or her.","12":"If you do not know what to listen, visit our widget <a href=\"\/en\/play_moody.php\">TagooMoody - radio on the mood<\/a>.","13":"You can create your own playlists by clicking on \u201cMy playlists\u201d. While using playlists you can add songs to them, change order of the songs and upload covers to your playlists","14":"Once you have created your playlist at home, you always can listen to it at work or at your friend\u2019s party. From now on you have your mp3 collection with you.","2":"Use advanced search in order to make your search results more precise.","3":"If you do not know precise name of the performer, try to type only first letters and you will see all the possible variants.","6":"You can add site with direct links to mp3, just click on \"Add Site\" on the bottom of the page.","7":"Tagoo can search audio books as well. For example <a href=\"\/en\/search.php?search=killford+saymak\">\"my life\"<\/a>.","8":"Tagoo can search podcasts and conferences: For example: <a href=\"\/en\/search.php?search=open+source\">\"open source\"<\/a>"}

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Music, video, soft search

Tagoo is first of all a media search engine. We know where to find more than 15 million audio tracks, nearly 10 million video files and almost one million software. Every Tagoo visitor is able to use our search engine.

Listening to music

For registered users we have prepared one convenient feature: before you download an audio track, which you've just found, you can listen to it right from Tagoo.


We have many friends - our everyday users. Specially for them, we have created new media blogging format, so that our users could share their findings with each other: favorite songs and cool videos.

Create playlists

Every registered user can build up an audio playlist out of 30 favorite songs. Since playlists are created on Tagoo - you have full access to them virtually from any computer at any time.

Download from playlists

Now you can download music tracks from any audio playlist, conveniently to you.

Create photo albums

Sometimes you want to share not only music and video, but also photos, like show you own photos, illustrating where you spent your vacation. To do that, we have given our registered users the ability to create photo galleries on Tagoo.

Archive download

It is inconvenient to download songs one by one! While downloading your favorite album, you spend a lot of time. Users, using Tagoo Tools, are able to take the advantage of archive download. Search for a song or a video, mark them and after that download them as one archive!

Video download

Approximately 90% of all videos on the Internet are in FLV extension. The examples are videos on YouTube and other video hosting services. Ordinary users, without special skills are able to watch them only on the Internet. Tagoo Tools users, however, are able to download any video in any convenient extension. From now on you're able to download your favorite videos to your PC and watch them in any player.

Download playlists

Our users have created more than 50 000 playlists, where they put great songs together. Maybe your playlists are among them. For those of you, who use Tagoo Tools, we would like to present the ability to download any playlist in one click. Click "download" and get archive with every track, which was in a playlist.

Unlimited playlists and photos

We do not limit the number of playlists, as well as photo albums and photos inside them of our Premium users. You are able to upload your photo albums to Tagoo and always have them near your hand. You are also able to create unlimited number of music collections. Favorite bands' albums, music for different mood and any other cases.

Unlimited uploading tracks to playlists

Create your personal music library by uploading files from your computer. All your music will be available to you from anywhere on the planet at any time of the day.