Found required performer or album in search results? Click on it and you will get the results that are connected to him or her.
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{"9":"Found required performer or album in search results? Click on it and you will get the results that are connected to him or her.","12":"If you do not know what to listen, visit our widget <a href=\"\/en\/play_moody.php\">TagooMoody - radio on the mood<\/a>.","13":"You can create your own playlists by clicking on \u201cMy playlists\u201d. While using playlists you can add songs to them, change order of the songs and upload covers to your playlists","14":"Once you have created your playlist at home, you always can listen to it at work or at your friend\u2019s party. From now on you have your mp3 collection with you.","2":"Use advanced search in order to make your search results more precise.","3":"If you do not know precise name of the performer, try to type only first letters and you will see all the possible variants.","6":"You can add site with direct links to mp3, just click on \"Add Site\" on the bottom of the page.","7":"Tagoo can search audio books as well. For example <a href=\"\/en\/search.php?search=killford+saymak\">\"my life\"<\/a>.","8":"Tagoo can search podcasts and conferences: For example: <a href=\"\/en\/search.php?search=open+source\">\"open source\"<\/a>"}
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Looking for a place to download music or video?

Tagoo knows where to find more than 20 million audio and video files: mp3, music videos, audiobooks, clips, podcasts.

What is Tagoo?

Tagoo - is a unique search engine that specializes in search of media-content: audio and video files.

Tagoo distinguishes more than 50 extension of music and video.

Tagoo is constantly in development.

Why do I have to register?

You can download all music, music videos, mp3 and video at Tagoo for free and without registration. However, only registered users are able to use the following additional features:

  • create audio and video playlists,
  • media blogging,
  • rate and comment on users' playlists and blogs ,
  • and find new friends with the same interests.

Do not like registration process?

So do we, that is why we have made registration process really fast.

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